Hopping Mice

Mr Lyon’s newest animal friends for his classroom are four Mitchell’s Hopping Mice. Unlike the mice you find at the pet shop or in your shed, these hopping mice are Australian native marsupials from north west Victoria. Aren’t they cute?!



Steph’s kitchen chefs

Today we started our Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions.

Steph’s chefs firstly learnt about the different pieces of equipment we needed to use and then about the ingredients. A few people had made rice paper rolls before so they were our experts who helped others wrap their rolls.

Blanca: the hardest part making the rolls was when the rice paper rolls stuck to themselves and they were hard to get off.

Hayley: I really enjoyed how to cool the different ingredients

Shakoufa: I liked how we did the cooling in groups

Sandra: I thought making the noodles was the hardest because they were sticky!

Clayton: the hardest part this morning was making the rolls because they were so sticky !

Public Speaking

Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is normal, but if you get too nervous it could ruin your presentation or speech. The photos below are of the brave students who spoke at the most recent Grade 4 assembly.

Let us know how you feel before giving a big speech and give us some tips on how to control the butterflies in our tummies and give great speeches or presentations.






On Tuesday 30th April Petar D, Junior, Clayton, Milica, Tiffany, Isabella, Finlay and Imanya went to the agiIdeas workshop held at the National Gallery Of Victoria.

At the workshop students had to brainstorm everyday problems they faced in their lives. Milica’s problem was that her ears hurt when she goes on a plane. Junior’s problem was that his mum needed his help with chores. Isabella’s problem was not having enough storage. Tiffany’ problem was home work, Imanya’s problem was doing the dishes and Finlay and Clayton’s problem was getting to school on time!

The group’s next challenge was designing something to solve their problem. Their designs are below in the photos.

Can you guess what each student designed and how it solved their problem?




Now it’s your turn! Make a list of the problems YOU face in your life. Next choose one problem to solve and describe your design to us! Draw your design in your visual diary.

Cooking Club with Ms.K on a Wednesday at 1.30

Belinda, Adam & Petar S






You guys know how to whip up a spanikopitta or two…Adam, Peter, Belinda, Shakoufa and the girls whipped up a storm in the Gr. 3 kitchen today.


10 spinach leaves from garden

some parsley

2 chicken eggs from Toffee

$3 fresh ricotta cheese

$3 Australian fetta cheese

1/4 bunch spring onions

1 Phyllo pastry

Olive oil

Salt pepper to taste


Mix in a bowl the cheeses, salt pepper, spring onions-put aside.

Wash spinach in sink till no dirt in leaves

Boil leaves in big pot of water/Strain when wilted enough

2 shallow baking pans

Layer with phyllo. apply oil on each layer 5 will do

Mix the spinach into the cheese mixture

Spread mixture evenly between the two dishes. Add the phyllo layers on top about 5 or so with some oil between layers.

Sear into diamonds with serrated knife.

Place into oven 40 mins at 150-180 degrees. Apply foil at end if phyllo burning.

Serve. Buono Apetit

Ms. K and Cooking club.

P.S if you have other spinach recipes let us know as there is still spinach growing.

Vegetables in the garden now

This year the grade 4s along with grade 3 are lucky enough to join the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

Have a look at the veggies, herbs and fruits growing in our garden at Wooranna.

Can you name all these vegetables, herbs and fruits?

Research some recipes where we could use these ingredients.