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  1. One day,
    to get some fresh air, I walked to the Wilson’s Farm. As I walked through the gate Mr Wilson smiled at me. I noticed a neat little piglet trotting around in the mud. Mrs Wilson invited me in for something to eat.
    I sat down and looked around as I nibbled my biscuit. Something was strange. There where paintings of every animal there was on the farm. But one painting in particular, I recognised it. It was a very angular picture, it’s colour’s where sharp and bright. I couldn’t exactly identify where I had seen it. But it had somehow resembled the piglet I had seen trotting around in its pen. I asked them. They said that it was the piglet’s mother, who had died a few months ago. “Oh” I replied.
    I started towards home. As I passed the piglet I was sure I could see the pig from the painting in the Wilson’s house.
    But I could never be sure.

    I have 3 words that I used to describe the painting.

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