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  1. I think bicycles in the future will have a mini computer which will say the weather, have a navigator, camera, games, how fast you are going, phone, it will give you food, time, have an alarm, calculator, 3d tv, internet, solar panel and water.

    You will have fast engines on your bicycle. The metal is stainless and the paint never gets off.If you damage your bicycle the computer will fix it and also if it is dirty the water from the computer will spray the dirty bits. The bicyle is recycled and if you run out of electricity the solar panel will save electricity and give it to your bicycle.The wheels be much more stronger and will never break. When you pedal the bicycle will also create electricity.

    By Arun

  2. I think that in the future, bicycles will have special bike GPS to tell you directions. The GPS would be powered by the electricity you generate from pedalling. I also think that they will still keep their use of getting you around and still getting exercise.
    I also think that they would have new electronic gears that are powered by the electricity that you generate from pedalling.

  3. I think that future bicycles will have mini iPad so a computer and a GPS. they could have no pedal but they could have electricity pedal. they could have a thing wear you want to go just write.

    miss pang is it 1 provocation

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