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  1. I think it depends on who you are. The question doesn’t have an actual answer, its a matter of opinion.

    To me, the perfect bedroom is somewhere that represents you, like it would have your personal belongings. It would be somewhere where you felt comfortable, not like you wanted to leave when you went inside. Even if you shared a bedroom with a sibling, it still has some of your personal belongings. But if you like your bedroom to be clean and neat, and just like it to look good. Then that’s fine. Everyone has a different view of what makes a perfect bedroom.

  2. A perfect room is a big room. I really like big rooms because they have lots of windows and a lot of natural light which makes it really bright so you can find stuff easily.

    I like having a big room because you can put a big bed, a lot of toys and other things in your room. When you have a sleep over at your house, you can invite a lot of friends as you can fit all your friends inside your bed room because you have a big room, but if you have a small room you can’t fit all your friends inside.

    A room is perfect depending on what you like! For example, some people might want to have small rooms because they don’t want many toys and things but some people want to have big rooms because they want to have a lot of things in their bedrooms and need the extra space.
    I think you should have a big room because you can have all your belongings in the one same room, not in all the other rooms in your house and you can invite all your friends over to play.

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