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  1. In Mount Bulla was the coldest experience of my life because me, my brother and sister had a snowball fight, also my hands got so cold that I couldn’t feel them and my hands were very weak.

    This was also the coldest experience in my life because when we went inside a building to eat something witch was Nutella with bread, the Nutella was so cold that the it was too hard to spread it. Eventually I finished spreading it and ate it, it felt as though I was eating ice!

    This was also the coldest experience of my life because when I found huge snowball to throw at my brother I lifted it up, but before I could throw it my brother got a snowball,threw it at my back and some of the snow got into my back.

    Last of all this was also the coldest experience in my life because when I was sliding down a hill on my toboggan that my dad had rented, I slipped and went rolling down the hill. So, lots of snow went into my back, gloves, pants and beanie.

    By Muhammad

    P.S This is Holiday Homework and I did this on 28/6/2013

  2. The coldest experience I have had is when I walked the dog one morning and all the grass was white.

    It is the first time I have seen it like that. Aunty Barb said it was called frost.

    It was the coldest day I walked the dog in the park.

    I felt very cold and surprised to see the ground all white.

    • This morning Nicholas when I was driving to Mordiallic for breakfast it was very foggy that I had to slow my car down and turn on my lights. It was 10 o’clock this morning!

  3. The coldest moment I have had was when we went to Mt Donna Buang about 2 years ago. It had lots of snow and ice. It was very cold all day with almost no sun. I wore lots of warm clothes, ski pants and gloves. We hired a toboggan and went up the mountain and went down the big hill I felt cold we walked a long way in the snow. Mummy and I had snowball fights.

  4. My coldest experience was when I went to mount Hotham because when we rented a room, all my family friends took the upstairs rooms which were the warmest and our family was stuck with the bottom room which was freezing!

    When I went to ski class, I found out that I was good at skiing. The only problem was that the snow was so cold that I couldn’t feel my own feet. I believe that I was pale.

    It was good that I didn’t get into a snow ball fight with my brother because I really dislike getting hit with snow.

    Night was pretty much the coldest because as I said out room was near the door. I found it very hard to sleep with cold air brushing my face.
    My family hired a toboggan and we went up and down hills. I didn’t like waking in snow, but to go down hills, I have to walk my toboggan up.

  5. My coldest experience was when I was in Pakistan because it gets very cold in Pakistan. It is very cold in winter because it snows everywhere that is how it gets cold. When it gets cold and snows we wear our jumpers and jackets and we have snow ball fights and make snowmen. I look forward to going back there in winter.

  6. My coldest experience was when I went to Lake Mountain. It was -1 degrees. There was fog everywhere.
    We waited for the flying fox for 2 hours. So my mum and I gave up. It wasn’t fair because all the young kids stayed inside the warm café while their mums waited in line for them.
    While my mum and I waited for my dad and brother we did Frisbee golf. Its where you have to try and throw the Frisbee and get it in the hoop. Then you walk on to find the next one.
    We all went on the buggies. It was hard because my mum was too short for the pedals and there was a really slow woman at the front so everyone got pretty frustrated. Plus we had to wait half an hour for it. Afterwards my dad went by himself because the really slow woman had ruined his first shot for him.
    But I actually took off my jacket when I did laser skirmish. Everyone was running around hiding behind logs and jumping out from behind bushes so everyone got pretty hot.
    It felt like it was -1 degrees then 30 degrees.

  7. One day there was a BIG thunder storm and my sister and I went outside and we were jumping in the puddles. Our feet got soaked and the rain stopped.

    We were playing and the rain started again. Then we went inside and got in a heating blanket. We had a milo and I had a shower to keep me warm.

    My mum got us dinner then we had dessert/icecream we watched a bit of TV then we went to bed.

  8. My coldest experience was when went camping with my family. One morning I woke up, it was so cold ALL DAY I would of stay in my bed ALL DAY!! But My cousins wanted to go on a bike ride for a less a hour and a half, so we went it was so much fun but very cold and foggy. so we got back to the camping place and my cousins and I got our own sleeping bag it was so good but on the bike ride it was so cold.

    by Haze

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