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  1. (If it is a Chimp please excuse me :))

    Once there was a zoo, and in the zoo they had a monkey. The monkey was very well trained. But now people were bored of his tricks. They wanted more animals. So one day they sent one of their staff members (Max) to go around with the monkey to see if any other zoos wanted him. But no, the monkey did not want to leave the zoo, he had a happy life there.

    Max arrived at the first one: Newtown open-range zoo. The monkey carried on and on and on. “No” said the manager. “He is too noisy”. So Max continued on his journey. He reached the next one: Mainesdale Zoo. You could see the Monkey didn’t like it there, he jumped up onto the manager’s shoulders and pulled on his hair. “No” said the manager. “He could put us out of business”.

    Max went to another one: Sunnybrook Town Zoo. The Monkey did not like it, he ran around tugging on people pants and chasing them into the animal pens. “No” the manager said. “He causes too much chaos” Max went to the last one:Port William National Zoo. The Monkey did not take any liking to this place, he only liked the food! He jumped up onto the café tables and gobbled up the peoples’ meals! “No” said the Manager. “It will cost far too much to feed him”.

    Max knew he wasn’t defeated. He went back to his own zoo. They were happy to see the Monkey. They had a job for him. Every day he feeds the tiger cub so the other staff wouldn’t have to go to all the trouble.

    The End.

  2. Hi, the two animals may have spent there life with each other so maybe that’s how they are good friends or they may have found each other and where brought to the zoo and became friends.

    PS. Isabella that’s a great story

    Have fun on the holidays

    • Hi Finlay,

      I like the idea you came up with. Remember though what we discussed on the last day of term 2? We talked about how responses to blog provocations needed to be at least 2 to 3 paragraphs. Keep going Finlay, you have a wonderful imagination and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

      Miss Pangl

  3. Orphan Tiger Cub adopted by Mother Chimpanzee

    Once upon a time there was a mother and a baby chimp who lived in the jungle. They were playing games, and these included tag and hide and seek. Suddenly, the baby chimp was missing somewhere in the jungle. The mother chimpanzee tried to find the baby chimp. But, she couldn’t find the chimp. She felt terribly disappointed and she walked alone in the jungle.

    The mother chimpanzee suddenly came across a baby tiger cub who was by himself. Unfortunately, the mother tiger was killed by the hunters. Mother chimpanzee realised that the tiger cub felt thirsty. He wanted to drink something. The mother chimpanzee wondered what the tiger cub would want to drink. As they were searching, they found a milking yard farm. They saw farmers were milking cows. Mother chimp was interested in how to milk cows. So she watched carefully as the farmers were milking the cows. Then mother chimpanzee and tiger cub surged through the farm and they followed whatever the farmers were doing.

    Finally they were able to get milk from the cows. Suddenly they saw a baby was holding a drink bottle on the pram. They sneaked and grabbed it from the baby and they dashed with a thunder, back to the jungle. After, the mother chimpanzee fed milk to the baby cub and nuzzled him. At last, mother chimpanzee decided to adopt this orphan baby tiger cub and they lived together happily forever.

    The End.

  4. I think the monkey grew up with the animal and then the animal thought the monkey was its mum or dad then the animal grew up with the monkey and the monkey teachers the animal some tricks and the animal shows other animals tricks and they have fun the monkey will not have to look after the animal anymore and it can play with its friends. 

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