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  1. This is Murry, Murry is an elephant who was flown in from Africa. A couple of days after he was born he was put into the Adelaide zoo. Months and months had past when a zoo keeper saw Murry and was not amused. The zoo keeper said to the manager “I have been seeing fowl personalities in Murry the elephant”, “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine, he’s just going through a phase. It will go away very soon I’m sure of it” said the manager.

    After weeks passed, a pre- school came for an excursion. One of the teachers was so upset at Murry’s actions and complained to the manager. She said “Your elephant has been doing inappropriate actions and it has left a sour taste in my mouth. I demand you get rid of the elephant straight away or I’ll sue!” “OK, OK I will get rid of it but what was he doing exactly?” asked the manager. But she was already gone, they shipped Murry back to Africa, but little did anybody know why he did what he did, but it was very clear and Murry knew his plan had worked.
    Can you figure out why Murry did what he did?

  2. Near the west coast of Africa lived a small elephant, his name was Lucky. He was really poor and he felt sad, hungry and all the time. Lucky didn’t feel lucky at all and he struggled to go to school because it took him 5 hours to get to school and back and he had no transport at all, he had to walk. One early morning when Lucky was walking to school he heard a loud noise. He felt scared but he didn’t know what to do. Luckily his Grandpas Grandmas house was near by so he went and knocked on their door but nobody answered. That was the moment that he got through the back door but in a surprise nobody was home. He was starting to get tears and he didn’t know what was going on. He just kept walking to school and when he came there the class was empty. He thought that he was too early so he just waited. He fell asleep in his classroom. The next morning when he woke up he ran home because he thought that his family called the cops but the truth huge war on the other side of Africa and that’s where he lived and so as all his family and he was lucky that he survived. He realised that his family passed away from the war. He cried so much and he couldn’t stop. A week later when he went to check his letter box he saw that he got a free prize pack, he won a free flight to Australia in Victoria, Melbourne. He went and lived in the zoo and he felt happy.

  3. Once apon a time,
    This elephant had no name. In fact he did have a name but it was so, so, so rude in the Indian language that they just called him hathi. Which was apparently meant ‘elephant’ in ‘Hindi’ they told me.

    Now, hathi was used to transport people around. But he did not like that because he knew some very rude Indian words, so he was insulted quite a lot from his passengers. But hathi was very cheeky too. He got to hear everything that his passengers say. Of course they wouldn’t know because elephants can’t talk, and if he had heard something securely secret, he would shout out in triumph.

    Hathi was also born in India. I will tell you the story of how he came to be named this very rude Indian word.
    His parents were poorly educated. When his mother gave birth to him he raced around. The people that had to look after him ran around trying to catch him, while shouting some very rude Indian words that not even the rudest Indian would mention. Unfortunately, they appeared to be shouting at hathi. So his parents picked up the bad language and decided to call him the rudest word the men had said.
    That is the story of when he was born.
    Hathi was treated very badly. Even the passengers would whip him and shout “YOU AREN’T FIT ENOUGH TO EVEN HAVE THE TINIEST CHANCE TO QUAILIFY FOR A RACE!”. But of course the men that looked after Hathi knew that he would certainly qualify for a race.
    Hathi had no idea that India wanted to start national elephant races.
    So Hathi entered races til he was an old man.
    But in 2053, elephants were declared sacred. Which meant every time people passed by Hathi they bowed. And people came from far and wide to paint a small area of him.
    In fact, Hathi became ‘The Famous Painted Elephant’. And Hathi’s rude ex – name became a special name, and was no longer rude.
    The End

    And the his ex – name was…
    So that’s why he is called Hathi, because the English name was very rude.

    P.S No offence to any Indians. This is a completely made up story and nearly everything in it is not true.

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