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  1. This is just a basic advertisement, when we get back to school I will write these down.

    This Small but original home is the perfect cosy hideaway to get away from suburbia. Complete with a wood fired stove, a stream out the back; this home could potentially be your very own!

  2. Look no further!!!
    This wonderful, cosy house, located in Mount Dandenong could be what you’re looking for to escape from city life. It is fully refurbished, double story house inspired by Peter Jackson movies .The Hobbit.

    The water comes from a nearby a stream, the house is solar powered which makes it a great for an economical buyer.

  3. Are you getting sick and tired of your original home, don’t you want a house that stands out from the crowed? You can get this wonderful and cosy home and it comes with a huge pool and a spa, WOW! It’s in Dandenong North, Carlton RD and it’s only $300, who would ever think? We are having an auction on the 29th of July.

  4. For sale
    Buy this house for a different life style looks can be deceiving. It consist of 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms an indoor pool and a spa, a modern kitchen with dishwasher spit system heating and cooling. A back yard for the kids while you have a bbq under the canapé of a beautiful forest.

  5. Are you annoyed of neighbors that are really loud? Want more with nature??? Well if it’s a yes for both of them then you should buy this new and improved camouflage tree house with a grate fresh smell when you get home from wherever were you just went. Also there’s nature everywhere and we even added an awesome spar and swimming pool all of this for just $250,000 and this will be in the woods at Mount Everest

  6. Are you bored of your house that looks like everyone else’s and so ordinary, well then buy this tree house that looks small but up the tree there’s a secret and invisible room and people won’t rob your house because it looks like a tree with a door!

    It’s on Carlton road in Dandenong north secretly located in the park across the school for only $500,000. So come quickly to buy an invisible room, robber free, across the road from school and a park just for $500,000.

  7. Hi,

    Sorry to be off topic. But I noticed that you said the water comes from a nearby stream?

    I am looking for fresh mountain water for an elixir I am making. If you could please direct me to this source ( I can’t find it anywhere online but I recall drinking some many years sago, just not sure where ) I shall ensure you receive a bottle of my mixture I make 🙂

    Many thanks,

    P.s that looks incredible if only I was in the position to purchase 🙂

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