Blog provocations

Choose one of these writing prompts to write about from the gallery below.

Here the steps:

1. Click on a picture in the gallery.

2. Find one you would like to respond to.

3. Leave your response in the comment section underneath the photo.

HANDY HINT: Type up your response in Microsoft Word first and then copy it over to the blog.

Please note: We are expecting to see well planned and detailed responses from you talented Grade 4s.



Why is this an issue today?

What can we do to …?


11 thoughts on “Blog provocations

    • Hi Jaidan,

      If you go to the home page and look at the posts. The posts which have questions in bold and italicised writing are blog provocations.
      I hope this helps you!

      Miss Pang

  1. All my responses to the blog provocations I will write down also in my documentation book when I get back to school. So teachers if you want me to add more to them then I can revise them when I get back to school.

  2. Also,
    the postcard activity, I will do on the computer using a special tablet that people use for drawing logos and things, because it would be for my grandparents who are currently travelling Europe. So then I can send it to them using the computer.

  3. Hi Wooranna Park,
    What have you been up to? My first week at the new school was the week of the schools end of year performance so that week was busy. Then I didn’t even get an average school week on my second week because Friday was our Curriculum day!

    • Hi Bella,

      How lovely of you to write on our blog. We have been busy getting ready for Wakakirri finals and can’t wait to see you Friday! We have also just received letters from our pen pals which has been very exciting. This week we will be sending back letters to our pen pals. It’s also good to hear that you are enjoying your new school. Did you get to perform in the end of year performance?

      Miss Pang 🙂

  4. Sadly, I didn’t.
    But I do get to perform next year, which I believe the theme is 100 years of GHPS (Glen Huntly Primary School). Also this week won’t be normal either because it planning week:
    Tuesday: Healesville Sanctuary excursion
    Wednesday: Footy Day (Dress up in your team’s colours)
    Thursday: Planning day
    Isabella. A 🙂

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