It comes to an end..

Today was our last day of camp. We had such a great time shooting arrows, holding snakes, flying through the sky and climbing up crates. Here are a few photos from camp, hope you enjoy them!








Lemon Cordial Friday!

Dear Parents and Carers and students,

My name is Maddy and I’m a grade 5 student at Wooranna Park Primary School. As part of our entrepreneurial action, our Environment Committee are putting on a lemon cordial stall this Friday 31st at lunch time. It will be a pop-up stall so keep your eyes peeled! Cost is 50c per cup.

Thank you,



Science Talent Search

This year’s science talent search topic is ‘A Century of Australian Science’. Last year several grade 3 and 4 students participated by creating posters, games or inventions to show at the statewide competition. Don’t let the competition put you off though. It is on a Saturday and I’ll be there. If you are interested, please get the entry forms from Mr Lyon by Wednesday 29th of May.

Click here for more information.

Here are some more websites to get you started…

Australian scientists

Australian science organisation

Encyclopaedia of Australian Science

Website dedicated to Australian scientists and what they have achieved

Australia’s surfing scientist explores everything marine

Great science show

Mr Lyon’s recent work with CSIRO scientists

If you are interested, please contact Mr Lyon.

Thank you.

Hopping Mice

Mr Lyon’s newest animal friends for his classroom are four Mitchell’s Hopping Mice. Unlike the mice you find at the pet shop or in your shed, these hopping mice are Australian native marsupials from north west Victoria. Aren’t they cute?!



Steph’s kitchen chefs

Today we started our Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions.

Steph’s chefs firstly learnt about the different pieces of equipment we needed to use and then about the ingredients. A few people had made rice paper rolls before so they were our experts who helped others wrap their rolls.

Blanca: the hardest part making the rolls was when the rice paper rolls stuck to themselves and they were hard to get off.

Hayley: I really enjoyed how to cool the different ingredients

Shakoufa: I liked how we did the cooling in groups

Sandra: I thought making the noodles was the hardest because they were sticky!

Clayton: the hardest part this morning was making the rolls because they were so sticky !