On Tuesday 30th April Petar D, Junior, Clayton, Milica, Tiffany, Isabella, Finlay and Imanya went to the agiIdeas workshop held at the National Gallery Of Victoria.

At the workshop students had to brainstorm everyday problems they faced in their lives. Milica’s problem was that her ears hurt when she goes on a plane. Junior’s problem was that his mum needed his help with chores. Isabella’s problem was not having enough storage. Tiffany’ problem was home work, Imanya’s problem was doing the dishes and Finlay and Clayton’s problem was getting to school on time!

The group’s next challenge was designing something to solve their problem. Their designs are below in the photos.

Can you guess what each student designed and how it solved their problem?




Now it’s your turn! Make a list of the problems YOU face in your life. Next choose one problem to solve and describe your design to us! Draw your design in your visual diary.