Cooking Club with Ms.K on a Wednesday at 1.30

Belinda, Adam & Petar S






You guys know how to whip up a spanikopitta or two…Adam, Peter, Belinda, Shakoufa and the girls whipped up a storm in the Gr. 3 kitchen today.


10 spinach leaves from garden

some parsley

2 chicken eggs from Toffee

$3 fresh ricotta cheese

$3 Australian fetta cheese

1/4 bunch spring onions

1 Phyllo pastry

Olive oil

Salt pepper to taste


Mix in a bowl the cheeses, salt pepper, spring onions-put aside.

Wash spinach in sink till no dirt in leaves

Boil leaves in big pot of water/Strain when wilted enough

2 shallow baking pans

Layer with phyllo. apply oil on each layer 5 will do

Mix the spinach into the cheese mixture

Spread mixture evenly between the two dishes. Add the phyllo layers on top about 5 or so with some oil between layers.

Sear into diamonds with serrated knife.

Place into oven 40 mins at 150-180 degrees. Apply foil at end if phyllo burning.

Serve. Buono Apetit

Ms. K and Cooking club.

P.S if you have other spinach recipes let us know as there is still spinach growing.