ICT Innovators review

This term, a group of Year 4 students have been working in small groups to research and write a review about a website or application they would like their Year 5/6 teachers to purchase for them to use next year.

Students had to create a presentation which they shared with Mr Trotter, Mrs Vine and the rest of the class persuading the teachers why their app or website should be chosen to be used next year.

Here are the different apps and websites we reviewed:

Pythagoras’ kaleidoscope art

Over the last few weeks, the Pythagoras maths workshop group have been looking at symmetry and patterns. They have been doing that by creating a kaleidoscope with their name.

Here are a few finished products!

Welcome back to Term Four!

Can you believe how quickly this year is going? Already down to our last term in Grade 4.

This term there will be lots of exciting things happening in the Grade 4 unit as we start our project action groups, the swimming carnival, excursions, transition into Grade 5/6 and much more!


Watch this space for updates on how everyone is settling back into the school routine and getting down to work!

Steph’s kitchen chefs

Today we started our Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions.

Steph’s chefs firstly learnt about the different pieces of equipment we needed to use and then about the ingredients. A few people had made rice paper rolls before so they were our experts who helped others wrap their rolls.

Blanca: the hardest part making the rolls was when the rice paper rolls stuck to themselves and they were hard to get off.

Hayley: I really enjoyed how to cool the different ingredients

Shakoufa: I liked how we did the cooling in groups

Sandra: I thought making the noodles was the hardest because they were sticky!

Clayton: the hardest part this morning was making the rolls because they were so sticky !

School Holidays!

With holidays just around the corner, we want to know what you are looking forward to doing on your two week break!

What is your favourite holiday memory?

If you could do anything in the world for your holidays what would you do? Why?


Have a look at the Wiki Miss Berenato and Anda made for us!

Last week, Anda and Miss Berenato made a website about how our school and Anda’s Thai school Satreephuket School can work together and learn from each other.

Take a look at some of the information on the website and look at the Thai Knowledge Hunt to learn some new things about Thailand!


What are three interesting facts you learnt about Thailand?

What are three more questions that you would like to find out about Thailand?

How do you think life in Thailand might be different from your life here in Australia?