Muhammad & Sara’s response to the Tree’s Perspective

Muhammad’s response: One day a bad kid went to a supermarket and bought a Banana. Once he finished he threw the Banana skin on the ground. After a few minutes a business man with a case passed by and slipped on the Banana skin which sent his case flying to a man who was on a ladder that was painting a wall. That man fell on all of the balloons a clown was holding. The clown was in shock and accidently bumped into a person that was riding his bike which sent him flying into a cargo box full of bananas! This made bananas sprawl out everywhere on the ground. A zoo quite near to the supermarket had lots of monkeys in it (a herd). They escaped just to get their hands on as many bananas as possible. In the process, the monkey’s trampled over all the people in the way.

MORAL: One silly action can turn into a disaster!-Please take this seriously it can happen.

Sara’s response: 

I was the town tree. Most people don’t know I can see, but I can. I can see murders, thieves, everything! Today, I was in my usual spot. I was 300 years old, so I slept A LOT! I woke up with a start! I guessed it was about 4:00am in the morning. A big loud truck went by. I just tried to close my eyes and get back to sleep again. I woke up 3 hours later. 7:00am in the morning. I saw cars rushing to get to work, buses taking children to school.

After all that, I looked around. I saw the bakery. Some people came. Children to teenagers to parents to GRANDPARENTS! I saw children running out with pies in their hands. I looked over to the playground and saw children on swings, slides and monkey bars. How I wished I could be a child. I looked over to the shopping center and saw kids coming out with their parents. I was glad the kids were happy. I looked over at the ice cream van and saw kids lining up having ice cream.

One of the houses were having a lot of fun. Laughing and singing and whatever you do during party time. I suddenly realized that it was a birthday party. Balloons were hanging and lots of noise was coming out of the windows. Some reason, it was now 9:00pm. I didn’t realize that all that happened in one day. Time flies when you’re having fun. I thought to myself. Soon, I was sleeping happily. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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