School holidays

Miss Berenato is keeping us updated on her Thai visit on the Thai Bridge page. Today Miss Pang went to the 1000 Steps in Fern Tree Gully. It was soooo foggy that she couldn’t see other people on the track. (Have a look at the photo below.)

We would love to hear what everyone else is getting up to. Let us know by commenting below!


Junior, Hameed, Mun, Buom, Peter from 5/6 and Josh from 5/6 got their first win playing for their footy team!


8 thoughts on “School holidays

  1. Brrr, it looks VERY cold back in Melbourne! Today it is 36 degrees in Phuket, lucky the classrooms have air conditioning!

    What are you all doing this week on your holidays?

    Miss Berenato 🙂

  2. This week I went to kids fun day at Sandown Park Hotel, a big park in Chelsea and Lego fun at Dandenong plaza. Tomorrow I am going to lego education centre in Melbourne.

  3. On the holidays I went on a camp in Mt. Eliza. I had a great time. I’ve been horse riding, on a giant swing, low ropes and much more fun things. Hope you have a great holiday. BYE 🙂

  4. These holidays I have been going to a holiday program. When I get home from there I just sit on the Xbox the rest of the time. PEACE OUT!!

  5. On the holidays I went to my friend’s house and went the next day to the city with my friend. I have been doing holiday homework and went to Toora for a week to see my and my family went to the movies to see Monster University, it was funny.

  6. On the holidays i went do Adelaide and it took me, my brother and my Dad though that long trip. My brother vomited in the car three times OMG that stunk badly :(). But we were there and i survived that smell hooray!!!!! it’s time to party

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