Litter. No way!

Post your ideas for the prevention of litter at school! – Suraya

9 thoughts on “Litter. No way!

  1. Muhammad’s comment:50% of drink bottles in the park was found.
    Brandon’s comment:50% of litter in victoria is cigarette butts.

  2. We can have no rubbish weeks where you cannot bring any rubbish in your lunchbox (packaged food – chips, tiny teddies, even wrapped up food like sandwiches). So then you have to have it in containers.

    • Thanks for sharing your ideas Bella. Do you mean we could have a week of bringing natural foods and not packaged foods such as chips, along with containers for sandwiches? Great idea. I think we should have a page on the grade 5/6 blog for the environment committee. You could share your ideas with the committee leaders to go toward making real change in our school. – Mr Lyon

  3. I was going to post the same thing as Bella.A )=. But I have something to add on, what if there was litter on the ground or something then there should be a no rubbish week would start. =D

  4. I even think that we should have a rubbish free week every month.
    I don’t think it should be a rare event like free dress day but something that happens occasionally.

  5. Have more no wrapper food days instead of just 1.Also have more don’t litter signs up around the yard, in the classrooms and at the front of the school. We could also have a competition to see who can draw the best poster to incourage people to not litter.

  6. Maybe instead of using wrappers to wrap up your snack and lunch, use lunch boxes instead. On assembly, we can also say how bad rubbish is for our school. We can also have a day where people do a survey on how much rubbish they can find and have a competition on who can find the most rubbish. Like Brandon said, we can have a competition on who can make the best poster on rubbish and how bad it is.

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