Steph’s kitchen chefs

Today we started our Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions.

Steph’s chefs firstly learnt about the different pieces of equipment we needed to use and then about the ingredients. A few people had made rice paper rolls before so they were our experts who helped others wrap their rolls.

Blanca: the hardest part making the rolls was when the rice paper rolls stuck to themselves and they were hard to get off.

Hayley: I really enjoyed how to cool the different ingredients

Shakoufa: I liked how we did the cooling in groups

Sandra: I thought making the noodles was the hardest because they were sticky!

Clayton: the hardest part this morning was making the rolls because they were so sticky !

3 thoughts on “Steph’s kitchen chefs

  1. Its good to see you guys using some stuff from the kitchen garden and seeing you work as a team, it is also nice to see everyone enjoying themselves too.

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