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Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is normal, but if you get too nervous it could ruin your presentation or speech. The photos below are of the brave students who spoke at the most recent Grade 4 assembly.

Let us know how you feel before giving a big speech and give us some tips on how to control the butterflies in our tummies and give great speeches or presentations.





8 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. Some tips on butterflies and public speaking are:

    Pretend no-one is there. When I performed for our production my character just had to stare straight ahead, so I found it really easy to just concentrate on what I’m saying rather than what everyone else is thinking. Pretend that you are alone in a big, big soundproof room, you can say anything as loud as you can.

    The three Ps – Practice, Project, Persevere.

    Practice – Keep on practising so that when it comes to the actual day you are confident about speaking and knowing what to say.

    Project – Project your voice so everyone can hear what you’re saying.

    Persevere – Keep on trying!

  2. When I go up and say a speech I get stage fright because sometimes I don’t do the speech, because I’m too shy and I mix up the words. When I look at people that is how I get nervous.

  3. Some tips on how to talk in front of people are:

    If it is your first time talking in front of people all you have to do is look at the exit sign. When it was my first time, my brother told me to look at the exit sign and I did. I felt scared at first but I did really well. Also we have to keep practicing until you will get it. Once your speech is done, you will feel comfortable and pleased.

  4. When I used to do public speaking more often, I used to rehearse in front of a mirror and emphasize certain points as well as use hand gestures to get points across.

  5. Here are some more tips,
    Try thinking that no-one is there,only look at the speech so you can’t see the school and you won’t for-get what you’re saying. Last but not least be brave and have a go. Don’t feel sad if you cry when you do it but at least you had a go.

  6. When I go up to speak at school or in the public I get nervous and I get speak less my first time I was in prep and I was really nervous now I am ok to speak at or in the public but i still sry.


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