Don’t Wrap it, Contain it!

Wrappers, wrappers everywhere. They wrapped our food, left to litter, drifted through air and water, drained away to the big seas, down an esophagus to stomach, caused grief then death and was left to do it all again. This story needs to stop. As we discussed, young, intelligent grade 4’s, we need to think differently when it comes to plastic, wrappers, waste and how these impact our world. As requested, here are some sites to explore and learn more…

Here’s the Teachwild website I created over the holidays during my expedition at Phillip Island with the other teachers from around Australia and CSIRO scientists. Be careful, there are pictures of the shearwater birds we opened up!

This BTN episode interviews Denise, the scientist I worked with at Phillip Island for our marine debris surveys. On this page, there are also great related sites listed on the right side. Check them out.



The Cleanup Australia website has great fact sheets on plastic bags and other rubbish

This site, ‘The Story of Stuff’, talks about how stuff is made and how we need to reuse and recycle

I’ve stopped using plastic bags and do not buy food if it’s wrapped. So fresh is best! Let’s stop wrappers in our school by using nude food reusable containers!

Think about changes that you can make to help stop the problems wrappers cause,

Let us know how you would reduce the wrappers problem in our school, community and oceans.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Wrap it, Contain it!

  1. I think some of the wrappers get into the ocean and get washed up so that birds can eat them, they also get dumped next to the ocean.
    I think that there should be a law where if you see any litter then you have to pick it up and put it in a bin. For example someone is swimming at the beach and they see a plastic bag next to them, they would have to take it and swim back to shore to put it in a bin.
    Another problem is that bins get too full and tip over letting all the rubbish in it get blown away, I think something you can do at school is to keep your rubbish in your lunchbox so when you get home or get back inside the classroom, you can put it in an inside rubbish bin so that it won’t tip over in the wind.

    • I like your idea Isabella of keeping rubbish inside your lunch box until you get inside and can put it in a bin.

  2. I think that teachers should pick some kids to see if children in the school throw rubbish on the floor anywhere because if people throw rubbish then that’s how the issue came and killing other species.

    • Hey,

      I think that’s a great idea Sandra. Maybe we could start a rubbish policy and if they see someone throw/drop rubbish they could tell them to pick it up and if they don’t pick it up they can walk with the teacher.

  3. Commenting on the first one,we can not bring any wrappers to school and bring things that you can take back and reuse again and again so it doesn’t end up in the bin and go to the dump and flow in to the water and birds don’t eat them and die. When we are shopping we can use the same bag again and again and again. I think most dumps and close to the water/ocean so the waves shuck them in to the water then birds will eat the and die.

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