A Life Like Mine – Statue Workshop

Last term all the grade 4s had a workshop with Ms Pang and we took a walk into the lives of other children and people across the world. Our session began by reading a book titled A Life Like Mine by UNICEF which depicted the different ways children live across the world. We looked at water in particular and the different ways children collect water. In Afghanistan and India they use communal hand pipes which is closest to their town. We saw  photographs of children filling up buckets and containers of water to take back to their families.

After we finished A Life Like Mine we split up into groups of five. Each group was given  a picture and brainstormed the following things about their picture:

  • What emotions is my person  feeling?
  • What is the person doing in this picture? Why are they doing this?

After we wrote down what  the person  was feeling and thinking we chose a     person in our group to be a statue and one person to be the speaker of our group. In our groups we used the posters and our brainstorms to recreate the person in the poster in a pose that would represent the feelings and emotions we        brainstormed. The groups really thought about how they could create a statue which depicted the emotions and feelings they had brainstormed together. Below is a video of photos Ms Pang took of the process.

After watching the video, choose a photo from the final product section and discuss what story you think the photo is trying to portray.

3 thoughts on “A Life Like Mine – Statue Workshop

  1. I think it is the one with Marley because he looks like he is praying to god that he will be safe in the woods or something will happen to him when he sleeps. He hopes he won’t be killed in the woods and the wolfs will eat him when he sleeps.

  2. I wonder if some of the Grade 4 children remember reading ‘Refugees’ with me when they were in Grade 2 and the collages they made representing the journey of a refugee?

  3. I think the first one is of someone showing all the food they get to eat each day
    and they are looking at you as if they are asking for you to donate to them.

    I think the second one is of a farmer showing all the things they harvest each day and are asking for better pay.

    The third one I already know. He does have a good life but he is praying that his life doesn’t change and that nothing bad happens to his family.

    The fourth one is pretty hard but I think that he is drinking from a tap and is trying to drink as much as he can because he does not live nearby.

    The fifth looks like some kind special person of a tribe that makes potions and magic.

    I think the sixth is a person covering up their mouth because they have just heard that someone from their village or tribe has died.

    I think the seventh is a African person carrying a basket across to the river.

    I think the eighth is a woman with her loyal dog as she sits down after a tiring walk to the market.

    I think the ninth is somebody sleeping on a woven mat of reeds as they are to poor to afford anything else.

    Finally, I think the tenth is of a person looking down at their reflection in the water that’s in their basket.

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