Finding the attributes of 3D shapes

Today in our workshop groups, we all looked at the attributes of 3D shapes. We looked attributes like the edges, vertices and faces. Some of the shapes we looked at were cubes, triangular prisms, spheres, cuboids and cylinders.


Can you find any shapes at home or at school that have the same attributes as the shapes below?


6 thoughts on “Finding the attributes of 3D shapes

  1. I wish I was there.
    It looks really cool and I wonder, what were some hard parts and what were some easy parts/or parts you knew already?

    See you guys at school,

  2. Hi guys,

    Looks like I missed out on some stuff in the last couple of days of term. I found a cylinder, a sphere and a cone.

    (I have to write this on the blog is because no one told me to stick my home work in my book 🙁 and mathletics does not work because it is “not a vaild product” :()

    • Hi Finlay,

      How have your holidays been? What were the objects that you found which were shaped like a cylinder, sphere and cone?
      Sorry to hear about mathletics not working, we can sort that out when term 2 starts.

      See you soon,
      Ms Pang

  3. Hi Guys,
    Here is a list of what I found. I found 20 cubes, 30 cuboids, 8 cylinders & 2 spheres. The spheres: A basketball & a soccer ball. The Cubes: 14 boxes & 6 lego blocks. The Cylinders: 8 drink bottles.The Cuboids: My laptop bag, my PC screen, my laptop, 17 boxes, my bed & 9 drawers

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