AFL Clinic with SEDA

On Thursday some students were lucky enough to attend a footy clinic and learned some footy skills.
Do you think that AFL football should be a compulsory sport that Australian students have to play at school?




7 thoughts on “AFL Clinic with SEDA

    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for commenting! Hope you are having a good holiday.
      What are you arguments for not making AFL a compulsory sport for all students?

      Miss Pang

  1. I don’t think playing AFL football should be compulsory for all Australian children.

    Firstly, there are lots of other sports that they can play that might be more preferable, or something they might find easier.

    Secondly, some students are disabled, making them disadvantaged of playing and will make them feel left out and worse about their disability.

    Thirdly, some schools may not have the money for the equipment and coaches, and may not have an oval on the school grounds or nearby.

    Fourthly, schools may have packed time tables and not have the time to spare, or have more valuable things to do rather than AFL.

    In conclusion I believe that AFL football should not be compulsory for all Australian students and that there are other options of sport, some students are not able to play because they are disabled, some schools don’t have the money and that it can be a waste of time.

    • Hi Isabella,

      I hope you are enjoying your holidays.
      Bella I’m impressed with your responses. You have made some valid points and supported them with examples.
      Well done Bella 🙂

      Miss Pang

  2. I strongly believe that only people who want to play should. If they don’t want to play they shouldn’t have to. No-one should be forced to play.

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