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Last week we watched a BTN clip in a workshop that discussed the issue of whaling in our world today. The report showed us that thousands of whales are being killed in Japan for the blubber under their skin. This blubber is then being used by humans to make soap, perfume, make up and other unnecessary items. Many of the Grade 4 students felt outraged by this and so asked if we could do something to help stop excess whaling. Click on the link below to watch the BTN clip.

What do you think Australians can do to help this issue?

What do you think our government should do to help out?

If you could speak to whalers what would you say?

7 thoughts on “Save our whales

  1. Stop the Japanese people killing the whales because they are killing too many whales. Get more people on the boat that’s helping the whales to tell them to stop it because they are killing every whale.
    The government needs to help the people saving the whales to say please stop it because all the whales are dying and we’ll have no whales left. The government could show the Japanese different ways to get many rather than killing the whales.
    I would say to the whalers ‘could you please stop it because we’ll have no whales left and there are other ways of getting money’. ‘You can use other things like plastic instead of whale bones for clothing’.

  2. I agree that whaling is bad as some people like to watch whales in the sea. If the Japanese whalers kill all the whales, then there will be no more left. I am writing a letter to the Japanese government. If all the whales are killed, they will be extinct. They are now an endangered species. I wonder how the Japanese whalers pull up the whales. Earlier in the year I found out that 25 elephants equal 1 whale. I think it is very brave for the Sea Shepards to help the whales survive. I don’t know why the Japanese whalers don’t understand that they are doing the wrong thing! I think that no matter how much we try we wont be able to get the Japanese whalers to stop whaling. Why can’t Japan use other things instead of whales. I know that they use them to make dresses, candles, soap and food.

  3. What do you think Australians can do to help this issue?

    Australians can speak to the Japanese whalers to stop whaling. Australians can persuade Japanese people to sign the agreement to ban commercial whaling. The Australians can introduce some materials to the Japanese people to make soap, candles, and cosmetic, instead of using whale blubber to make them.

    What do you think our government should do to help out?

    Our government can make posters to protect the whales. They can also send the letter or video to the Japanese government explaining them that if you continue killing these innocent animals will be extinct in our world forever. That means in our future generations will never see this innocent animal again.

    If you could speak to whalers what would you say?

    I could say to the whalers, as a human being we have freedom to live anywhere in the world. Whales also should have their freedom live in the sea instead of killing them. So please stop killing whales.


  4. I agree that whaling is bad but not all people agree. The Australian government can’t really help as much, because they can’t always look out for Japan, they have to think about Australia because that’s the country they are representing. I’m sure that the Australian government would like to help but it can also sometimes be hard for them because they wouldn’t know how to help or what is something that will convince the whalers! I think our government can help with things like, writing letters, getting the news reporters to talk more about whaling, getting a group of people to find some evidence that whaling is bad and things like that. We can all relay on the sea shepherd but they can’t always stop the whalers, example, the sea shepherd might go on a trip to save the whales but then they might be too late because the whalers have already catched the whale and there is nothing to do. If I could talk to the whalers I would tell them that they have hurt so many animals and not only that they have killed the most preetiest animal on earth and how ashamed they should be!

  5. Yo

    If I could talk to the whalers I would say STOP WHALING ENTIRELY so whales can live. Well some people will say to keep whaling because they might not like whales. 🙁

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