Thinking about harmony in our world

On Thursday 21st March Harmony Day will be celebrated by people all around the world. It is a good time for people to stop and think about the choices they are making and the kind of world they would like to live in.

What does the word harmony mean to you?

What is an example of harmony that you have seen in the world?

If you could choose a colour for harmony, what would it be? Why?

What would you like the world to be like in the future?

3 thoughts on “Thinking about harmony in our world

  1. I think that harmony means peaceful people not playing fighting games and being nice to other people. When I ride my bike home I try to say hi to them so that I am giving them a greeting and make them feel happy.
    If I could choose a colour for harmony it would be yellow because it represents the sun. When the sun comes up I want everyone to say good morning to other people and I want people to be polite and use nice manners.
    I would like there to be no wars in people minds so that there are no wars. I would like all guns to be banned and put into space so that then robbers could not harm people. Everyone would have a better life. Innocent people would not be dying then.

    Thoughts by Finlay.

  2. I think that harmony means peaceful. What I mean by peaceful is no wars and fighting around the country. When I come to school I say good morning or hi to my teachers and friends so that I make them feel happy and give them a nice greeting I am also being polite.
    If I could choose a colour for harmony, it would be yellow because yellow is a colour that is bright. It is also the colour of the sun. The sun will make you happy is the morning and is also warm. Some people say good morning and it makes you feel good. It is also being kind and also polite. You are using good manners.
    I would like it so that there were no mean people, robbers and bullies.
    I would like everyone to have a better life and innocent people will not be harmed.

  3. I think harmony means peaceful.When I say “Peaceful” I mean there would be no wars or fighting around the world.
    An example would be when I greet the people I know and invite them to do something with me just like I ask my cousins to go bike riding.
    If it was up to me to pick a colour for harmony, it would yellow because just like Finlay said it is like when the sun rises, everyone greets another.
    In the future, I’d like a world with lots of innocent people and nerds, while with a clean land for every country because it could help people stop from suffering from the dirtiness of their land.

    Thank, Cindy N
    God Bless!

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