Tell my story

We have used the website Tagxedo to create a word cloud of a topic at the moment that many people are discussing. Can you guess which issue it is? Have a look below.

What do you think the issue is? Why do you think this?

Use the words to write down what you think is happening in relation to this story.

5 thoughts on “Tell my story

  1. I think it is about a girl called Sarah and she had a flood where she lives and that stops her from going to school. I think it’s saying to help her.

    Hope I was right,

  2. I think its about a girl named Sarah where she goes to school and she describes what she does when she first walks into the school.
    Then she talks about her learning, her life and her most important things.
    I think she is trying to say, “Can you people help me have more education on learning?”.
    Thanks, Cindy N

    Hopes to other people and Jessika!

  3. I think it is about a girl called Sarah who aspires to be a teacher, she has a brother called Don, her parents are called Vicki and Richard. Her father has a poorly paying job on a farm. But this school is only one way out in the country and is not giving her the best education. Since she is not being properly educated she will probably never get to be a teacher. I think the problem is children living all the way out in the country aren’t getting a proper education.

  4. I think it is about a girl named Sarah who is having trouble with her education. I have a feeling that she is trying to tell us that it is life and that you will have to go with the fears and troubles and let them go over you. I think that she is also saying the things about life, the positive things and the negative things. I believe that she is worried about her family and about the people that don’t have proper education.

    Sara. k

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