School Swimming- do you agree or disagree?

This week we started swimming at Noble Park Aquatic Centre. We are very excited to be swimming for the next 9 days! We found this BTN clip that talks about the issue of swimming in schools and whether every child in Australia should go swimming with their primary school. You can watch the BTN clip below and answer the following questions, we would love to see what your opinions are.

Do you agree or disagree that all schools should make students go swimming?

State your opinion in the comments section. Make sure you give three reasons why you believe that and examples to back up your reasons.

6 thoughts on “School Swimming- do you agree or disagree?

  1. I strongly agree that we should swim with the school because sometimes parents go to work and can`t look after them so they can`t take them to swimming lessons. Also, if people want to lower the amount of kids having to be rescued, I think they should do swimming lessons. But also, it does take a lot of time off work and subjects.


    • Hi Jesskia,

      Thanks for commenting. Quick question, do have an idea how we could run swimming lessons through schools which doesn’t have an effect on other subjects?

      Ms Pang

  2. I agree that schools should make students go swimming because:
    1. Every student should know how to swim so that they don’t risk drowning.
    2. All students including the ones with disabilities can learn to swim or survive in water. This would help stop so many drownings.
    3. If schools teach swimming then the students that can’t afford private lessons can still learn to swim.
    Most schools have sport activity time so swimming could be done then. 🙂

    • Hi Nick,

      I really like your arguments and your reasoning behind them.
      I know that you’re a confident swimmer, what are your recommendations in regards to vital swimming skills to avoid drowning?

      Miss Pang 🙂

  3. Going with Jessika, maybe there could be a swimming day every semester or term, or even have a thing like after school care where you can go swimming if your parents have to go to work. Also, Learning to swim is good and bad at the same time.
    – Less risks of drowning.
    – People can go to wet n’ wild, water world and all those water parks and not struggle while falling is a pool of water.
    – Some people do not like swimming.
    – Less education (actually that’s good because some people don’t like school.)

  4. I go with Jessika and Sara, there could after school swimming like after school sports and dancing. Learning to swim is great and terrible at the same time.
    – more people not drowning because they know how to swim, they can swim back to another boat to get back to shore.
    -most people like starting up at the deep end because everyone else is up at the deep end but you can easily down you can’t stand up at you don’t know how to swim.
    – like the titanic more people drowned because of more people didn’t know how to swim and where swim to.

    In conclusion i agree that school swimming is good and bad because not everyone gets to know how to swim.

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