Why Year 4’s should use the blog

How do you think our grade 4 blog should be used this year?

I think we should only put exciting and interesting information on the blog. We should be able to convince people to go on the blog because people MUST see what kind of things we learn and also to see if it’s hard, easy, fun and more. We should hopefully be able to spend more time to look at the blog anytime in the day!


1.NO swearing on the blog (including everyone)

2.Be cyber safe (at all times). Cyber safe means that you can’t copy other people’s faces or work and then put it on the internet.

3.Respect the terms and conditions (at all times)

How are we going to get people to keep coming on the blog?

If we get children to tell their parents that their work is on the blog then they will want to log on. But if their work isn’t on the blog then maybe they should think of some ways to convince the teachers why their work should be on the blog. For example we could tell the parents that the blog is their opportunity to see what we learn and what we know.  Maybe we could also tell them that it’s filled with exciting learning!

By Milica

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